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update:May 26, 2011

Declaration of Safety of Tochigi Tourism

Tochigi prefecture is blessed with great natural beauty and a number of authentic hot springs. It is rich in history and culture, and home to many local specialties and crafts. Recently we've begun turning our focus toward rejuvenating our local communities through tourism. We in the prefectural government, along with our towns and cities, our tourism agencies, and the citizens of Tochigi, will band together and work as a team to move toward a "Tourism-Oriented Tochigi."

The events of the Great Tohoku Earthquake have greatly affected the lives of people in Japan, but Tochigi's sightseeing destinations have almost entirely escaped direct damage from the earthquake. We've experienced very few effects from the Fukushima Power Plant accident, and Tochigi continues to offer clean air and water and safe food.

In order to dispel any concerns about the effects of the disasters on Tochigi’s sightseeing areas, we have issued this official Declaration of the Safety of Tochigi Tourism.

Tochigi currently houses earthquake and tsunami evacuees in several of our evacuation centers. Please show your support and encouragement for these evacuees while also helping the rejuvenation of Japan and its tourism by coming to visit us in Tochigi’s safe, secure sightseeing locations.

We welcome you from the bottom of our hearts.

April 5, 2011

福田 富一(Fukuda Tomikazu)

Governor of Tochigi Prefecture