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update:November 30, 2010

Prefectural Symbols

The Prefectural Emblem

The emblem is an abstraction of the Chinese character 栃(Tochi), and the three arrow heads allude to the ancient style of writing 木(ki).

Tree: Japanese horse chestnut

Also called the “Marronnier”, this deciduous tree blooms red and white with the advent of summer.

Flower: Rhododendron Albrechtii

Flower: Rhododendron Albrechtii

The pink, white and indigo blossoms of this Azalea can be seen in Tochigi’s mountainous regions during the spring.

Bird: Blue-And-White Flycatcher

Slightly larger than a sparrow, the Oruri has a vivid emerald back. It migrates from Southern regions in May and then lives primarily in the Nasu Valley, Shiobara, and Nikko until early October.

Animal: Japanese Serow

Slightly smaller than a deer, the horned Kamoshika is found in the north western mountains of Tochigi, where it lives on small buds and tree leaves.