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Guide to Factory Installation Procedures

Natural Park Act

Followings are applicable when procedures based on laws or ordinances, etc. are required.
Name of laws and regulations Natural Park Act
(The timing of procedures)
Prior to the commencement of acts.
(Procedure Targets)
Those who modify the land configuration of factory site, and newly build, reform, or expand factories, etc. in the national parks.
In the special areas, a New Construction (or reform, or expansion) of Structure in Special Areas Application describing the purpose of building structure, place, situation of the place of the act, type of the structure, construction method, planned date of the commencement of the construction, etc.
In the normal areas, a New Construction (or reform, or expansion) of Structure in Normal Areas Application.
For the application form, please contact to each municipality.
(Procedure Office)
Either one the Ministry of the Environment Nikko Natural Environment Office, Nasu Nature Conservation Officer's Office, or Katashina Nature Conservation Officer's Office.
(Examination Contents)
Relationships with the park planning, status of the place of the acts and its surroundings, propriety of development method, effect on scenic beauty and landscape or surrounding environment of the place of the acts, conditions when it is permitted, situation of measures by other laws and regulations, consent of the land owner, and other items necessary to determine the permission are examined.
Flow of Procedures
Processing Period Approximately 1 month for the application to be authorized by the director of Kanto Regional Environmental Office, and approximately 2 months for the application to be authorized by the Minister of Environment.
Contact for Inquiries Tochigi Prefecture Department of Industry, Labor and Tourism, International Section 
TEL: 028-623-2194 
FAX: 028-623-2199

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