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Forestry Act (Notification of becoming an owner)

Followings are applicable when procedures based on laws or ordinances, etc. are required.
Name of laws and regulations Forestry Act (Notification of becoming an owner)
(The timing of procedures)
Within 90 days from the date became an owner of forest..
(Procedure Targets)
No matter as an individual or a company, those who acquired the land of private forest subject to the regional forest plan by a transaction contract, an inheritance, gifts , or a merger of companies.
※This notification is not required, when the land selling and buying contract notification was made based on the National Land Use Planning Act.

・Notification that became an owner of the land of the forest.

※The drawing indicating the location of the land of the forest, a certificate of registered matters, selling and buying contract of the land, Inventory of the division of inherited property, a copy of deeds of land etc, which probe acquisition of the ownership of the land shall be attached.

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(Procedure Office)
Municipal Section in charge of forestry administration
(Examination Contents)
・Name and address of the owner
・Name and address of previous owner
・Date of the ownership
・Reason of the transfer of the ownership
・Location and area of the land
Processing Period
Contact for Inquiries Tochigi Prefecture Department of Industry, Labor and Tourism, International Section 
TEL: 028-623-2194 
FAX: 028-623-2199

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