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Guide to Factory Installation Procedures

Vibration Regulation Act

Followings are applicable when procedures based on laws or ordinances, etc. are required.
Name of laws and regulations Vibration Regulation Act
(The timing of procedures)
30 days prior to the commencement of installation or modification works of specific facilities (facilities generating vibration).
・7 days prior to the commencement of construction work.
(Procedure Targets)
・Those who intend to install or modify specific facilities.
・Those who intend to perform the specific construction works at the designated areas.
The notification describing the type of facilities, numbers, and the method of vibration prevention, etc.
・Specific Facility Notification
・Specific Construction Works Implementation Notification
(To the Ministry of Environment)
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(Procedure Office)
Municipal Environment Conservation Section in charge, ruling the location of the factory.
(Examination Contents)
To examine whether to comply with the criteria of the regulations, etc., and specific instructions are provided when it is necessary.
Flow of Procedures
Processing Period Approximately 1 month.
Contact for Inquiries Tochigi Prefecture Department of Industry, Labor and Tourism, International Section 
TEL: 028-623-2194 
FAX: 028-623-2199

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