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Guide to Factory Installation Procedures

Waterworks Act

Followings are applicable when procedures based on laws or ordinances, etc. are required.
Name of laws and regulations Waterworks Act
(The timing of procedures)
Prior to the commencement of installation works of exclusive waterworks.
(Procedure Targets)
Those who intend to install waterworks (waterworks means facilities to supply water necessary for living for more than 100 people , or facilities exceeding 20 m3/day of maximum water supply).
※ When following works are required for addition or expansion of the facilities, a new confirmation application is required.
 ○Works modifying the max water supply per day, type of water resource, water intake point, and water purifying method.
 ○Works adding or modifying in large-scale for sedimentation pond, filtration pond, water purifying pond, sterilizing facilities, and water delivering reservoir.
Exclusive Waterworks Confirmation Application.
Attachment documents.
 1.Work design documents.
 2.Documents specifying the number of persons who receive the water supply.
 3.Documents specifying the district where the water supply is made, and the map clarifying the location.
 4.Maps clarifying the surrounding situation of the water source and purifying place.
 5.Plan view, elevation view, section view and structural drawings specifying the main construction of the waterworks facilities.
  6.Plan view and vertical section view drawings specifying the water introducing duct, water supply pipe, and layout of main leading pipes used for the delivery and supply of water.
・Exclusive Waterworks Confirmation Application. Download
・Exclusive Waterworks Confirmation Application Profiles Report. Download
・Exclusive Waterworks Start of Water Supply Notification. Download
・Exclusive Waterworks Abolishment Notification. Download
Download files are available in PDF format.
If unable to download, please inquire to"Contact for Inquiries".
(Procedure Office)
The Health Welfare Center controlling the place where the exclusive waterworks are located.
(when the location address is in the authority transferred municipalities, to the relevant municipality)
(Examination Contents)
To examine whether the installation work complies with the facilities standards stipulated in Article 5 of the Waterworks Act.
Flow of Procedures
Processing Period Within 30 days
Contact for Inquiries Tochigi Prefecture Department of Industry, Labor and Tourism, International Section 
TEL: 028-623-2194 
FAX: 028-623-2199

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