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Guide to Factory Installation Procedures

Agricultural Land Act

Followings are applicable when procedures based on laws or ordinances, etc. are required.
Name of laws and regulations Agricultural Land Act
(The timing of procedures)
Prior to the commencement of the conversion acts
(Procedure Targets)
Those who intend to convert agricultural land etc. to other than agricultural land
For an application, in addition to the prescribed form of the application or notification, attachment documents such as a certificate of land registered matters. For further details, please inquiry to "Procedures Window".
(Procedure Office)
For Governor Approval (agricultural land less than 4 ha), to each municipal agricultural committee.
For Minister Approval (agricultural land over 4 ha), to Agricultural Policy Department Agricultural Policy Section Agricultural land adjustment Group.
For applications of land within the Urbanization area, to to each municipal agricultural committee.
(Examination Contents)

1.Propriety of the conversion based on the category of the land from the stand point of agriculture operations
The permission of the land conversion is principally not given for the agricultural land within the agriculture district areas, or collectively existing, or providing good agriculture operating conditions.

2.Propriety of the conversion based on the stand point of the effective use of land
・Whether it is recognized as certain that land is used as the applied usage.
・To examine whether it may affect the agriculture operating conditions of the surrounding agricultural land.

Flow of Procedures
Processing Period Standard Processing Period:6 weeks
Contact for Inquiries Tochigi Prefecture Department of Industry, Labor and Tourism, International Section 
TEL: 028-623-2194 
FAX: 028-623-2199

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