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Motegi Constructor's Village

Available Land: 2.3 ha. (lots available 1.7 ha.)
Lot Price: 8,000 yen/m2〜 13,200 yen/m2


Location Hayashi, Motegi Town.
Year of development 1997 〜 1998
Total area 4.9 ha.
Use district Not designated(not categorized city planning area, underpopulated area).
Building standards Building coverage ratio: 60%, Floor area ratio: 200%.
Soil Silt layer, Ash quality sandy layer.
Pollution control To enter into an agreement with the town.
Water Municipal water
Basic Charge(up to 10㎥):1,785 yen.
Excess charge(from11㎥ up to 25㎥): 189.0 yen./㎥
  (26㎥ or more): 199.5 yen./㎥
Meter use charge(20mm diameter): 115 yen.
Drainage To build an oil-water separator in each lot to drain the industrial waste water, to build a merger process septic tank to drain the domestic waste water.
  1. High voltage (6kV): Supply facilities are available in the park.
For Inquiries: Tochigi Prefecture Department of Industry, Labor and Tourism, International Section  TEL: 028-623-2194 

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Lot Map

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Motegi Constructor's Village Lot Map


By Train

  • 3.1 km, 8 minutes by car, from Motegi station on Moka Railways Line.

By Car

  • 1.5 km, 5 minutes, from National Route 123.
  • 30 km, 40 minutes, from Mito interchange on Joban expressway.
  • 30 km, 40 minutes, from Moka interchange on Kitakanto Expressway.


  • 1.2 km, 5 minutes by car, from the south gate of Twin Ring Motegi.
  • 1.8 km, 5 minutes by car, from Motegi Town town hall.
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Incentive System

Incentive System in Tochigi

Special Incentives in Municipality

Name of municipality Applicable criteria Measures matters Measures range Applicable period
Motegi Town Invested fixed assets amount Number of Employees
Industrial production equipment acquisition amount: More than 27 million yen. Tax exemption Fixed assets tax For 3 years.

Special incentives such as subsidies, financing, incentives, etc. for established enterprises by municipality

Name of Municipality Name of the Act, etc. Effective date Requirements on target Contents
Motegi Town Motegi Town Industrial Locations Promotion Act April 2009
  • To promote industry development and employment of the town..
  • Number of new employees at the relevant business operation: 5 or more.
  • Investment for new or expanded facilities: 30 million yen or more.
  • Subsidies based on fixed assets tax
    An equivalent amount of the fixed assets taxes for new or expanded facilities.
  • Subsidies based on increased employment
    An amount multiplied by the number of new employees and 200,000 yen per person.
Motegi Town Industrial Water Subsidies Delivery Outline H23.9.20 Business operators established industry in Green Park Motegi or Motegi Contractor's village, and made complete payment for the water charge and town taxes. To grant an amount multiplied by the unit price and the used Industrial water.
Unit price Regular employees less than 10:  50 yen.
       〃     less than 30:  70 yen.
       〃     less than 50: 100 yen.
       〃     50 or more : 130 yen.

For Inquiries: Tochigi Prefecture Department of Industry, Labor and Tourism, International Section 
TEL: 028-623-2194

National Tax or Prefectural Tax Incentive Measures by the Act of Regional Development, etc.

The Act of Regional Development, etc. Area designation Real Estate Acquisition Tax Operation Tax Special Provisions for Depreciation
The Act on Special Measures for Promotion for Independence for Unpopulated Area

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