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Dept. of Industry, Labor and Tourism International Section

〒320-8501 1-1-20 Hanawada Utsunomiya City
TEL:028-623-2194 FAX 028-623-2199

Tochigi Enterprise Bureau Regional Development Section

〒320-0033 12-11 Honcho Utsunomiya City
Tochigi Kaikan 6F
TEL:028-623-3818 FAX:028-623-3826

Land Development Public Corporation of Tochigi

〒320-0024 1-15 Sakae District Utsunomiya City
Kaihatsu Center Bldg. 5F
TEL:028-622-6597 FAX:028-622-0962

Website for Industrial Parks in Tochigi


Website for procedures of factory installation in Tochigi


Website for Tochigi Prefecture Government


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